Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thursday 12/06

Whew.  Off the treadmill.  Waiting to cool off so I can get ready for the rest of the day.
I have a luncheon at 1300 and a few errands to run.  I know the phone will ring and there will be more than that to do.  Every day is another adventure.  If the adventure doesn't come to me, I  go find the adventure! 
As with others, I have the final preparations to make for the boys and my grandson for the Christmas vacation time we have together.  This place will be rockin' and rollin' from Saturday on.
I did get the hitherto unknown properties of the car's radio unraveled.  My salesman came out..merely pushed in the knob (not the power knob..the other side that traditionally does the tuning) and after adjusting one of the type of sounds..he twisted the knob either right or left to do the balance.  Um..from reading the manual it didn't look that simple.  The way it was written, I didn't want to bother.  Part of it (my thinking it was too hard) is because the manual included (good thing too, really) the odd letter combinations for the functions and they did not even look like words or parts of words I could recognize.) However, I know now..and he didn't mind.  We  have a lot of laughs.
I am thinking from the several hours I spent there yesterday that they may be thinking of asking me to work there in some capacity.  The bosses boss, another manager and the salesman all occupied every minute of the several HOURS it took to get a key cut and two fobs reprogrammed.  We all had fun and they got to see my so-called "work persona".  They had nothing to gain as I have already paid cash for the car last week. I knew it wouldn't take that long to fill my request  for another key, but I didn't mind and we were all having fun talking and I got a chance to hone my people skills again as it has been 2 months since I needed to.  One of those rare times I enjoyed myself at a dealership.  ;- )
As I said..a luncheon at 1300...maybe Starbuck* afterward and then, who knows?  I don't feel compelled to flutter my lashes at anyone so, that's out.   Wish you could be with me..we'd sure have fun! If not, maybe next time and in your absence I may just go ahead and call a friend for later.  'K?
I have been to see each of you.  You're all humming along great except one who is very sick. 

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