Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too Beautiful

Just too beautiful

Another of those gorgeous beautiful sparkling October days.  Oh!  How fortunate we are to have June and October, April and May.  To me, those are the most special months.
I slept badly last night.  I think in part because I let my former co-worker bother me.  The guy torqued my jaw I will admit. That is my problem and shame on me.  I am over it as of today.  It was one of those things where someone said or didn't say what I hoped for..I got my tail in a knot over it and woke occasionally with one of those ever ready to spring into your head at the first opportunity thoughts that go like this: " I should have said--------" Arrrrgh, I hate it when that happens.  After waking probably 6 times and re-positioning myself each of them, I got up with the first meow of the day and started in cooking.
My youngest came for lunch and shame..I didn't go to church.  Instead I fried chicken so as to cut it up for my first ever in my life home made chicken pot pie.  It was the most expensive thing I ever made I swear. The chicken (I made that choice though) was 5.00 dollars for skinless boneless.  The veggies a bunch more...and so on.  But after $13.00 or so worth of stuff it was made and while good..too bland.  Help!!!  Also made a totally from scratch apple cake that was good (caramel glaze) and messed up my pristine kitchen!  All my gleaming surfaces...full of batter and apple chunks.  (had I never heard not to try to beat with a mixer 3 eggs and 4 cut up small apples?)  But good, I reckon.  I took 2 peices up the street to good friends..made N. take some home with him.  Ate 2 pieces mySELF and consequently got back up on the treadmill again!
I am enjoying the heck out of my time this past several days.  This past week-- save the tragedy next door.  A week from Thursday a friend invited me to go to where some Mennonites are in another County and see the crafts and foods.  Looking forward to that. 
If I seemed querelous that last blog it was not my intention.  It was one of my introspective ones and usually I don't do that.  I'll have one of my own chocolate chip cookies and move on.

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