Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wedding 11/06

I told a friend this morning in an email before I left for church that I looked like I was going to my own wedding.  I was all duded up in white.  White skirt, white tank top with a white textured top that buttons down, over that.  Black high heels, black purse and cream and white herringbone pattern dress coat.  (Cold this morning!).  Black and white pearls for jewelry.  What am I in now?  Well, I stopped by the grocery to dazzle anyone who could see me and especially those who know me (usually in my T shirts and jeans!) and sure enough!!  I DID get to see 2 people who exclaimed " WOW!  I NEVER see you in ANYTHING like THAT!  Look at YOU!" and some approving smiles as I sashayed through the roomy aisles collecting a new brush for my cat.  Having gotten that, I minced my way toward the checkout in my towering black high heels.  Home but not before a stop at Wend-y for chili.  No finger in it far as I know.  (Ewwwww...remember that fraud that woman committed on that company?)
But I am home now..shed the pretty stuff and in tank top, gray sweat pants and the prospect of the treadmill looms. I even tied my hair back.
 My neighbors across the street volunteered (for a fee) to get my yard cleared of leaves.  That is, as I mentioned several times, a monumental job and I am not kidding. It is not particularly the size of the yard itself, it is simply that I have a forest here!  And I already mentioned the drifts of leaves there.  The yard is as clean as a pin now.  I already did close to half by myself though more had fallen.  And it took those two three hours to do the rest.  It is usually a 6-7 hr. job.  I did a lot already.
I dragged in the Sunday paper.  I am going to try to resist looking till  I am off the treadmill.
Thanks for the smiles in the comments by the way.  Made my morning.

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