Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coulda Gone All year Without This! Jan. '07

The worst has happened in a way, fitness speaking. The treadmill gave out. It's old. Motorized but old. The boys might know how old if one of them cares to leave a comment.

I had cranked it up yet another notch higher..as I was feeling good despite the rain pouring down outside the window..thought I would try to outrun it. Oh, such an awful knocking and grinding. I turned it down and the only difference was a lessening of the pitch of it grinding and knocking. Case closed. the poor thing has started it's rapid downward spiral. As it is old, I really don't see a lot of use in having it repaired. I will start scouting for a new one. Not a happy thing money-wise, but needed.
Yes, the streets are there, but it is hot/cold/rain/snow/I look less than diva-like, as reasons not to always hit the street for my fitness.
With the treadmill there and you looking at it, there is not a lot of excuse not to get on it. If it is the street...you can think of a million of them. (excuses).

So, once I cool down and get the red out of my face and finish dressing I will head out on a search for a new one. IF they will take the old one. No way I can dispose of it. If they won't I will keep looking till someone will or I may learn to love the street.

It is raining out there, man it is raining. And it's 50 degrees. They did say reality will return early next week and possible snow showers at least on Tuesday or Wednesday. At least it will be colder.

You know..I haven't lost an ounce during this three months so far but I will tell you..I have gained strength and my arms look much better (I just bought yet another set of weights in my progression upward) and my clothes hang better regardless I haven't lost any weight. Got a little muscle I guess. My lower back isn't hurting AS much though it still hurts. When I started out the first of October, I thought my back was going to break in two. Asunder! Twain! 2 pieces! But it got better.

Hope you have a great weekend all of you. Sure beats not! So have a happy one.

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