Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doesn't it Get Your Goat Jan 07

Doesn't it get your goat when you are signed up on your State's Do Not Call list and have been forever, yet there are loop holes for businesses? IF they have a so-called "relationship" with you..meaning of course you are a customer of some sort, they are allowed to verbally spam you with their sales calls. And I know all of you have been subjected to spam-like calls from politicians during election months and charities. All three of these..and that is a LOT! are exempted from the telemarketing Do Not Call laws. That stinks.

I blogged several months ago about discontinuing my long distance service. I don't need it..it was costing me 6 or so bucks a month and I always used my cell phone. So, I called Bell Sou-th and told them I no longer wanted long distance. I had literally 7 or 8 calls a day and into the evening at 2100 hrs. from their overseas calling centers. I told a good friend of mine this morning that the total complete horrible massacre of my names made me the maddest! Don't call if you can't say the name..please. Even better still, leave that out! (name). Anyway, I was on 12 hr. rotating shifts so I was either at work or asleep most of the times they called. I can't to this day hear the phone in my room. I have never had it turned on. Who needs to be waked up...that was and is my philosophy and the kids are grown up plus they know where I live..and so on.

Anyway, I answered one night and said "Take me off your call list! I have informed you of this and I am documenting. If you call me again, you are in violation and will be fined $500.00". And that is true. Never heard from the suckers again. You have to TELL them. The point of this rant is: If you are on the Do Not Call list NO one should be allowed to call that is a business, political machine or charity. No one.

I got going on this as I am being targeted by the daily newspaper I read to buy on-line news coverage. I don't THINK so!!!!!! I was so torqued last night at 2000 hrs when they called that I failed to tell them to stop calling. I will though. As they will call again. I also wrote a scathing email to the editor of said newspaper.

I pay a decent amount of money to have a private unlisted and unpublished phone number. So stop already with the verbal spam.

The End! Doesn't it get your goat?  Jan 07

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