Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Day! Indeed it is..gorgeous too. September 29th 2010

I have been busier than hen's teeth. Her Majesty got me up at 0710. Not complaining and...she was polite about it. She always settles in for snuggles and lots and lots of petting and a hundred or so kisses. THEN we get up and we have our separate breakfasts. Hers first of course.

Cold when I got up. Well, it was 67 degrees inside the house on waking. 50ish outside. I don't want to turn on the heat for that, but it is a trifle cool so no schlumping around for half an hour or more in jammies. I got dressed in warm clothes. Wore socks to bed last night. First time of the season and long jammies. Shorty ones are in the machine for washing and putting up.

Went out, did errands and groceries, came home, weeded the whole front garden, then I came in and scoured the bathroom. The tub and surround would look OK at first glance but it's been 2 weeks. It needed it. Called the plumber who --of course--has not called back so, I will call again.

Had a welcome call, always do, from my higher up supervisor at my last job. he always calls on my birthday but couldn't on the 25th so he called today. VERY welcome and we got the troubles of the world completely thrashed out and solved! I can't wait till our mutual plan is put into action.

Hairdresser put a gloss on my hair a couple days ago and it looks outstandingly gleamy. That will last till I shampoo tonight. Wish it would stay. That which we buy in the stores..just ain't the same.,

OK. Female type blog here. My flu shot site (got it yesterday) is a little itchy and a bit sore. Sure beats having the flu. :-)


  1. don't use scratchy cleaner on your new tub-at least thats what 'scour' means to me- we were told to use pray foam when we got a new tub, along with not to leave any bottles on the edge-it holds water there.
    so glad your birthday was fine :)

  2. Me too. Too busy
    Peace and Blessings

  3. Love your blog space. Seems simply. Again I have not been here since April 2008 so I am rustic using this site. lol!
    Happy belated birthday! Many blessings, best wishes, and always have a great day!
    I need to put my apt. together and cleaned. Someday I will. lol! Take care & stay warm!

  4. Chilly mornings and I love it. I have to get out the winter things too and launder. Seems like last week we got the shorts out eh? The year is going fast! Wish you and the queen a pleasant night.

  5. Love how you also call pyjamas Jammies as we do! Wonderful blog

  6. can you email me with how you saved all your photos from WLS? I am overwhelmed doing it one at a time-sheesh over 5 years worth :P

  7. I just open my site here. Hope I did everything right.

  8. Oops I forgot, that's me. Terry from God's Country.

  9. Love all the colors and coolness of fall. Today's a good day to air out the pillows. Have a good one.

  10. I wish you could hop through the computer and give me a hand cleaning the bathroom...that is the next thing on my agenda.
    We have frost predicted for Saturday night. Not looking forward to that.