Thursday, September 30, 2010

For Want of a Shoe....

The oven was preheating..the scent of pumpkin, cloves, cinnamon and ginger were in the air..sugar and spices were swirled together, the 2 eggs installed :-) into the bowl..and then..time for some evaporated milk. Well, I brought down from out of the cupboard 3 five oz. cans of milk. All out of date. One by 2 months, the others a YEAR! The plumber was expected within half an hour hence, I had to stay home. So I put it all in the fridge till they got here and left again.

Girls and boys, kitties and doggies, don't ever do OR let happen to you this next thing I am going to tell you about. I got my trusty step stool and went to the top shelves in the cabinet and pulled out cans and looked at dates. There were 6 cans of Progresso soup waaaaay out of date. There were 3 cans of Campbell's cream of mushroom out of date. Since I recycle, I had to empty each can (I do not have a garbage disposal unit) wash it out and pitch it in my recycle bin. The gloop..I put in a double garbage bag and in the trash till I can go to the disposal center tomorrow. I don't want to leave anything questionable out for wild animals. Not even the 'coons and coyotes. And, it's an awful waste of food too. But I believe I have learned from it.

I have the pie in the oven as we speak. When I go to Charlotte next weekend a week from now I will take the makings for an apple crisp.

I have fed her Majesty and I am munching on graham crackers. I had a huge bowl of my homemade vegetable beef soup for supper last night and lunch today. Nummy in the tummy.

SO good to see several more of the blog family here. ♥♥♥


  1. Pumpkin? Pumpkin pie? Mmmmm, My favorite :)
    I put a link to a shaky film I took of the owl on my last post

  2. Homemade pumpkin pie, yumm!!! Soup sounds good too!

  3. An Autumn time it must be a very romantic times
    and nice to have a warm foods,you are cooking yummy foods these day:-)The Pumpkin soup is my favorites dish.
    You found an expire date items...
    These day I buy butter for only half because I don't used much and so many things such as all mustards..

  4. Carole I just found this blog! Shame on me! Please forgive me!

  5. Geez Sis get outta my head.. I also wanted to make the dang pie but didn't have the pumpkin when I thought I did. I ended up making the birthday cake anyway..Sis was down in her knee so she didn't take it home with her.. It's fall and my oven is calling almost every day. We gotta get a plumber or some such guy to fix a pipe on our furnace as we have no heat yet.. Ughhh :(