Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good to be Home Jan '07

I could not be more pleased than I am to be here at home..errands and appointments done and in for the night while it rains outside. I can't complain about the rain. We have had 72 degrees here for several days running and in the 60's the rest of the time. I see on the news how so many in the Country are having to suffer the ice and snow storms. While traveling back here, I saw several caravans of Utility and Electrical workers. No doubt on their way to help out with severe outages in the rest of the Land. The guys are really great about that. They work so long and so hard to restore service and this is often hundreds of miles away from home. They are heroes in their own rights. I have been grateful to them on my own behalf several times. We are wont to tornadoes here as well as severe electrical storms.

This is the second year in a row I will have gone back to the optometrist a total of three times each to get the correct lenses for my glasses. All seems well on first try out till I see I am squinting at the television trying to read captions/words/figures. I have to get UP to see them. If enough houses fall on me..I finally get it! Hey, these glasses are wrong again. I got torqued off last year after three times and the first two they acted as though I were a moron not knowing how or where to look through the lenses. Heaven forbid that they were wrong (or the lab, either one). Got that worked out and when I went back this year..he had these huge changes going on for the new lenses saying my astigmatism had magnified. Not. So, I have already been back once. And today, I went again..I can still not see well at a small distance so I have been using my old lenses. (makes me wanna start with the contacts again...sigh!)

SO...I am standing by to see what he has done this third time. Again. Gee WHIZ!

So..who has had supper and if so, was it better than mine? If so, why didn't you invite me there?

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