Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hi , Hello and Hiwaii 12/06

Hi, hello and Hawaii.

The last five blogs have turned into essays I believe. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, I do tend to wax long at the keyboard!

Today however is not an essay on one topic. I hope it's not an essay per se, at all. I left the cat happily looking at her version of television. She is next to the big picture window looking at the wild birds at breakfast and brunch. I have that squirrel proof feeder hanging where the hummingbird feeder traditionally hangs until youngest comes over to help me out with a free standing hook to hold said feeder in the front yard. Hopefully before the hummingbirds come back and are scandalized to see their own place usurped by upstarts.

I left her in peace in there as I have finished with the treadmill today. I did my little weight workout as well and I am happily increasing reps. Time to get heavier weights. Me and the sons are at contest with one another in our separate homes as to who out does the other in time for the month for exercise. We tote it up and tell at the end of the month.

I could not help it yesterday, and I bought three more necklaces. However this time they are costume. I have little jewelry that is costume. I like the real thing. I did see a diamond ring, so-called "Estate Style"...i.e. square setting, thin band..champagne diamond in the center (small..believe me...small) surrounded by sparks of pave diamonds. The pave diamonds were of decent quality too. I could tell. (I'm good at that sort of thing). I resisted buying it where usually I will just throw down the money and do it. I am practicing not buying everything I want when I want it.

I am almost ready to leave the house. I have an invitation and that reminds me..I have one for bright and early 0700 Thursday morning to have breakfast with the guys!!! Lotsa guys to roll on. YES!

(well not really. Just glad to see 'em)

On that salacious note..ta ta.

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  1. It was nice to read again that my memorize was
    you are very found of the jewelry.
    hope you might received on your Birthdays:-)
    xoxox Sis.