Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honey, I'm Home Jan. -07

I made it to Charlotte, over the Mountains, no snow and back again and all in one piece!  I went because today is my middle son's birthday!  As with all my sons, I consider myself to be fortunate to be their mother...lucky to have them all.  Happy Birthday O Bright One of Three. Much love.

I hate to say this about my venerable older Saturn that went to a new home, but this new car is a LOT more comfortable than the Saturn was. And a lot less noisy. It's a 4 1/2 hr. trip, sometimes 5 hrs. depending on Charlotte traffic and whether there are any wrecks on I-40 or rock slides in the passes and I must say when i got there and on my return I felt a lot better than usual. Less beat up so to speak. It's a heavier car than my guy was, and quieter plus more smooth riding than I am used to. And, I only used half a tank of gas whereas the Saturn, with its good mileage used 3/4's of a tank. (one way) and this new car has a somewhat bigger engine plus it is a sports model. I'm happy!

UpNorthCindy brought up a great point. She assumed I would know and heed this advice without it coming from her, but it turns out a good thing she mentioned it in comments. In regard to the seeming (if not in fact) reinfection I seem to be suffering with this ever present upper respiratory virus...she asked if I had pitched the toothbrush? Not only had I not..but I should have pitched the Flonase...the Chap stick, and my lipstick as well. I KNOW that...why in the world I didn't DO it is beyond me. So, I am home now as of an hour or so ago, and I have already pitched the chap stick..about to toss the lipstick and the toothbrush knows its living on borrowed time! Thanks sis!!

Man alive, the cat was glad to see me return. I heard that wobbly meow as she was running thru the house to greet me. After I got things put away, she placed herself invitingly onto the rug I use as a "brushing station" for her. That girl must have changed from her Winter dress to her Spring one, as she (long haired) shed like no one's business. Of course, she hid from her sitter (my good friend..we swap cat caring duties when trips happen) so since she hid..she got no brushing and no playing. Her own stubborn fault.

I will see how I am tomorrow thru the day. If I am still no better I will head on back to the Dr. The coughing is what is getting me down. We'll see.

Here I will say thank you and I am very sincere, for the suggestions and thoughts regarding this viral thing. I appreciate it more than you know.

Have a great evening..I will too.

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