Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Can't Belive I Ate The Whole Thing! Jan. '07

The old " I can't believe I ate the whole thing" syndrome going on here. I really didn't eat that much. However, when I ate it, it was appetite and not hunger and now I am paying the price with an overly full belly.

Why? Well, oldest is here and I made for the first time a Salisbury steak dinner. I have sort of made that through time, but I found a good recipe and decided to give it a try. Sure am glad I did. It smelled heavenly, for one thing but the taste was delicious too! I served it with its gravy including the sliced onions along with mashed potato and buttered hot corn. I was not hungry and yielded to the lovely aroma. Picture me prostrate on the floor with my distended belly pointing toward the ceiling!! Groan.

Gorgeous day here. Sunny, cold and windy. We listened to Classical music coming home. Those who know me know hard rock and hip hop are usually my weapon of choice but not today. I love classical just as much. We are talking a total dichotomy here!

I did get up on the treadmill and did my weights workout but...I gave out after 25 minutes as I think round three of the upper respiratory virus is upon me. OR it is a cold. Whatever it is, I am puny and wimpy. So, I just heeded the "Will you just get OFF the treadmill woman!???" internal voice sounding in my head and got off. Maybe I will feel more like it tomorrow.

Tea. I will make a cup of Earl Gray!! No lemon required as the fragrance of Earl Gray is good enough as is the taste.

It has altogether been a pleasant day. I had to get more Sudafed for the post nasal drip and as usual had to show my license and all that stuff to get it. Sigh.

If anyone has been reading my blog for awhile, they may understand when I say " I think it will snow over the Mountains this weekend".


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