Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ice anyone? Jan. '07

Seems as though we are finally about to be under the gun regarding ice and snow.
We are expecting snow flurries only today but after the weekend (with some flurries in between) there is the promise of 4, 5 days worth of snow and/or ice. I did pick a good time last weekend to go over the Mountains as it turns out. Had I waited until this weekend, I would be flat out of luck. There is snow and ice in the Mountains as I write this and plenty more on the way. I just sent my son a note (the one in Charlotte) asking where he was...school (he teaches) or home. He answered. He is at school.

That car of mine is so good on gas mileage that I am still driving on the tank of gas I got before I headed over to Charlotte last weekend!!! That is amazing. And I thought my Saturn was good ( and it was...just this one is even better!) I think in view of the weather I will go fill 'er up today. I don't have any friends scheduled to see today, just this evening, so may as well get some fuel for the car. Give me something to do.

I have done my duty on the treadmill. Just not as long as I would wish. A mile. Better than nothing. Did my weights. That was a lot more pleasant. I am so pleased with the progress I have made with the weights. I will never be what I used to be, a true power lifter, again. But I don't want to be. I don't think.
If the urge to power lift comes again, I'll join a gym and a team. It's the only way to go. I loved it back when I did it. The 12 hr. shift rotation killed any ideas of a regular workout as did the overtime. That is something that demands 4 hrs a day, 5 days at least, a week. One starts with circuit training for an hour or so then you go to the weight room. The brotherhood and sisterhood of Iron. (I was the only woman though at that time) (That has its advantages though..)  So, due to work, I had to quit working out.

It is 1100 hrs. and I am only just finishing getting ready for going out. Takes awhile to do the little workout, cool down, get cleaned up..do ones face and hair...THEN you get to go out. The morning is gone almost by then. I like it though.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a super day or failing that, a good one. :-)

Hope to see you soon.

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