Tuesday, September 28, 2010

January 2, 2007

My goodness. Here I am; late for me.

I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon with many co-workers and then, one came back to my house and we were joined  later by a dear friend of mine. That was a wonderful afternoon as it always is in the company of friends. The one girl friend brought over a big plate of homemade peanut-butter and chocolate fudge. Along with that was a LARGE deep cup filled with homemade peanut chocolate clusters. All for me. She's been trying to get here since just after Christmas but with me sick with that virus and her work schedule today was the first opportunity. I had a piece..well, OK. I had 5 pieces and then, soon as the door hit their tails on the way out, I called another friend who is a supervisor at work and said "I have a BIG plate of homemade fudge and chocolate nut clusters. Come and git it, or it gets thrown out". He came to get it on his way in on midnights. All the guys in that building will eat it. I can't have that sort of thing in the house. I am like a you -know -what. I will eat it all. I can't eat sugar hardly. If I do, it just breeds wanting more.

I am tired. Just am. I skipped the workout this morning,. I needed a break really body-wise. The upped weights worked on me a little during the night and I felt some small aches. I am going fast enough on the treadmill also to make my shins groan a little. So..I gave myself a 24 hr. break and tomorrow I will belay the heavier weights or at least use them less that I was. I am a little more enthusiastic than I should be. Doesn't matter what it is..when I start something not only do I finish it..I also do it very enthusiastically without fail. Ask anyone who knows me.

Interesting comments from yesterday's blog regarding global warming possibilities. I was careful not to say or even hint at what I may or may not think is the cause of the sparse Winter-like weather. I tried to be neutral and only set forth an observation.

I was thinking though about how not 8 years ago I would have to get from the car in the parking lot at work down to HQ and wading thru the snow up to my knees. The ice hanging in sheets from the buildings (and my house) in jagged shards. Since this is a city of hills (and dales!) the traffic almost at a standstill. Vivian knows what I speak of as she has, or had similar weather.

I should not be able to ride around with the moon roof opened in December and January, ya know?

Hope you all have had as good a day as I have had. I was fortunate in having a good hair day!!! And the rest of me looked pretty good too. After all, you never know who you might meet.


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