Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lift that Barge, Tote that Bale Jan. '07

I was about to get onto the treadmill...I WAS on the treadmill and had fired it up but hadn't started anything yet because I heard the phone ringing. Against my better judgment I answered and wound up on the phone for 53 minutes. Later,  I got the CD going, got back up and was putting my shoes on (I don't wear shoes in the house) and a heard a little sound. Miss Resident House Cat's little head popped out of her small "condo" with all of her in it. I have no idea how a big cat as she is can still cram herself into that tiny little hidy hole. Well, if she is in there...I don't want to disturb her beauty rest as her "condo" is right at the end of the treadmill, so I came in here and did weights instead.

However, cat slave that I am, still, I decided I had to do something. So the best thing that could, happened. I assessed to temp outside, put on my coat and took off up the street. Now let me tell you. A walk UP this street is nothing to be sneezed at. This is a very hilly (and dale-y town) And when you set out on a walk..you ain't kiddin'. It WILL be a workout walk, trust me, (why I want the treadmill).

I forgot to time my gasping and winded way up the street but I did remember to look at my cell phone (no way I could talk on that sucker and walk at the same time..whew!!!) when I turned around to come back. It was only a mile and six tenths. I'm embarrassed to say how long it took me to do it, but if you held a donut to my head I will admit 30 minutes! SIGH! So, it was a good thing to take on off up the hills. I need it. I am badly out of shape. Good thing I was doing all I did do 3 months before I took this outside walk or I would still be  out there struggling. The hills are what slowed me down. Treadmill is flat as a fritter. Ya need to be a mountain goat around here, believe me. When daddy visited he used to say "Man, you need toe claws to walk in this back yard!" And that's the truth. The boys lost many many many spherical objects if they batted them out beyond the chain link fence that I have to keep the wildlife out (HA! they come right on in!) (love my deer, foxes, coyotes, raccoons and everyone else who comes in and thru).

But I feel invigorated being out doors in the COLD (I had my hood up against the wind) and sun. I am dressed now to clean the house and I think I will let my pals on CD accompany me thru the rooms. Kitchen first. Git the rugs will ya and shake them out the kitchen door..not the deck door. There's a dear.

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