Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Year to Enjoy Jan. '07

Happy New Year to each one of you. Blessings to all of you as well. Be grateful for all that you already DO have before you ask for more, and your "plate" will be overflowing.

I have started off right! The Diva is sweating! My face is red as is the rest of me. I was on the treadmill extra long today and it's that durn iPod doing it. Soon, I will be up there several times just so I can enjoy the music more. (I decided to use it while exercising as an incentive). I came in here to look at mail while I stood and did my weights. I bought weights twice as heavy as I started out with so I mixed up my workout. Started out heavier and went to the lighter. No use hurting something and totally messing myself up.

It is BEEYOOTEEFUL out there, and sunny with 46 degrees already. Not sure what the high will be but if it's good enough..comfortable shoes and I'm outta here.

'Course, I have to get myself Diva-licious first. That means do my face so I won't scare anyone. My complexion is so milky my face looks like a white china dish with two blue marbles at the top. (that'd be my eyes). So, want to get those blonde brows and eyelashes darkened..then and only then, I'm outta here!

You know what I did last night? I watched Animal Planet (I know..I'm lame) and there was the neatest show on...one hour each. One was about a black leopard baby hand raised till he could be released back into the so-called wild. The other was about a polar bear baby. In his case, he was reared in a zoo till another zoo home could be found. He started out in Toronto Zoo I believe I remember. I smiled for two hours straight. The black leopard one was especially endearing. Not because I am a cat person but because of the true unswerving affection..no..love that family shows all of their animals they care-take before releasing them. That includes the two teen sons who were reared with the idea as that is what these folks do. It's in Colorado. Lottiemae may know who they are but I don't think she will see this.

Seeing that baby leopard bottle fed every hour and a half and with such love and dedication..seeing him asleep in any one of their beds..his face next to theirs on the pillow (the way my little Lady does) and all the kisses he got all the time..did my heart good. A great way for me to end the old year.

I have been out of the Party way for years due to my high profile job and the hours. No need to start what I never got used to to begin with. :-)

You all in the blogging family have a great day and a loving new year!

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