Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Note To Self Jan. '07

It is a far better idea to do your treadmilling on a passably empty belly.

Been to The Big City and got the oldest son. Going back sometime or other Friday. We will have spaghetti with meat sauce tonight. I just cranked out the frying pan to get started with the beef. Come on over..some hard rolls as well with plenty of butter! We are passing on dessert unless the fruit bars will do. Those things are darned good! I love the frozen grape juice ones.

Man I will tell you..my new female car, Miyuki, or Snowflake is what my 2nd son calls her...has plenty of muscle. She rocketed up the hills on the Interstate. So much so I had to step on the brakes more than once. My Saturn, Zack, was venerable and a fine old gentleman but he was, ahem, getting elderly. He also didn't have as much horsepower as Miyuki has. She sprang forth like the youngster she is!! And by golly that is exactly what I will tell the State Troopers too!
I had to do the treadmilling after we got home from The Big City and a Krystal run for oldest son. He wanted the chili pups. I am sorry to say I had 3 Krystals. When I hopped up on the mill..hooked up the iPod and got going, ugh. I see now why I prefer to do the exercise at 0830. Easier on the stomach and noting much in there. Patty..thanks. I did yours for tomorrow!!

Judging from all the remarks these past two days from quite a varied difference in locale in the Country and Canada...everyone is having too warm a Winter. My roses are trying to make red leaves...my bulbs are starting to rise up out of the ground..some folk have Forsythia blooming..come on! Good grief!!

What goes good with spaghetti and meataballas and rolls besides salad. (ewwww)? Any suggestions?

Sailor Scout (that be me) says bye.

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