Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Of Tops and Skirts Jan. '07

Wow. I sort of did it again. I saw this really cool looking navy with a little bit of white pattern chevron stripe fitted and flared at the hem, skirt. Well, it was a no-waist style, my favorite. Just zips up to the top..no buttons either. So, I HAD to have it. It will be cute with any and all of my white sandals. Just in case..I got this great top too. White, pearl snap buttons and fitted. Um. I needed those. Of course I did. They will look good in the new car, yeah, that's it.

Had a good workout this morning. I hated the last 8 minutes but I stuck it out. No music this time. It finally got cold here and will be for several days with the promise of snow showers as well. Now, granted it was cold when I stepped up onto the treadmill. A lot of you know it is next to the big living room window looking out onto the deck and into the woods of the back yard. I had the heat in the house turned off as I usually do while up there (I get so hot...no use adding to it with heat pouring out onto me while up there~) so what I saw a little while after I got off the treadmill was generated by me! What, you ask??? Well, believe it or not, the two windows right next to me as I am on the treadmill's belt were slightly fogged around the edges. A tribute to a HOT woman!!! I was doing a little sweating up there ( a LOT of sweating) and puffing and blowing too..so my body generated enough warmth beside the cold windows to fog them a little. Whatta woman, huh??? That tickled me. I came in here to do my weights with more of a smile than usual.

My cough seems to be disappearing on its own. It went from a tight ever present dry cough and pain in the neck to a little bit at bed time, and no more dry cough. A little more "productive" and today, I wasn't weak whereas yesterday, I don't know how I stayed on the treadmill I felt so watery legged.

Anyway, maybe it's well nigh over. I have changed toothbrushes..Flonase, chapstick and lipstick! It may have helped turn the tide!!! Thanks again, sis!!

I and a gentleman had lunch today. It was unexpected and fun too. I went to Wally World immediately following to spend money. Dang. You go in with "Have to get car wash stuff" in your mind and come out $126.00 later! Well, had to have that cute skirt and the top to go with it..some frozen entrees, water, Atkins bars, a couple cosmetic items and some hand cream. A girl has to live you know!

Love ya bye.

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