Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ooops, I Did it Again Jan '07

All I wanted to do was walk some more. I had already been up on the treadmill, was bored and decided to go to the track. Well, for whatever reason (I will call the City tomorrow) the track is closed up tight. All fencing is padlocked. So with lower lip out I got grumpily into the car and did something I have never done yet, I went to the Mall to walk there. I just didn't want the treadmill with its forced incline. The Mall was better than nothing, I hoped.
Unfortunately no matter which end of the Mall you go into..there is an anchor store. In this case, there was JC Penn-ey. But...good diva that I am, I stalwartly strode quickly past the jeans in the Jr. Dept. though I looked hard as I went by and hesitated only barely. I have 40-50 prs. of jeans and don't need any more I told myself. (Has not worked in the past but it did this time).

Making my way to the door I headed out into the Mall..asked several what the length was if they knew, between Penn-eys and Be-lks. They gave their best guesses and they all seemed to agree more or less on distance so I took off, flames licking at the soles of my shoes I was so fast. Made it up to Be-lks..turned and headed back to Penn-eys. Dang....there in the window as I approached their door again was a dress! I sort of slid on into Penn-eys and just took a quick peek at the tops. I want you to know there was a top with wee ittle little tee tiny polka dots on it. Just specks they were so small. Adorable!!!! It had cap sleeves, and was fitted and had those like.."pleaty" looking things, even the cap sleeves had the "pleating". Reminded you of a broomstick type pleat but not quite. It was a well known brand. Silky too. I had to have it. I tried it on...I was lost. On my way back out..I again passed by the Jr. jeans and kept on going BUT I stopped in Intimates. I got an eyelet lace something, underwire of course, and then, when she rang up that and the top..I finally woke up to there was a 70% off sale going on. I hadn't paid any attention. That $45.00 top was 70% less than I expected! The eyelet whatever was only $7.50 thanks to the 70% off. I saw a black knit V neck top that I had paid $24.00 for a couple months ago, now 70% off. So, I got another.

I took off like a big bird and headed out into the Mall again for another go round, fast as my legs could carry me. Scortch marks on the flooring from the swiftness of my passage! I admit to looking at the shoes at Be-lks. I may have even tried on several pair but I virtuously left without buying any. I will tell you this however. Next time should I go there to do another walk again, I will leave money behind. My drivers license and my keys. That's it (she said).

All in all a fun time. Probably in there a good hour with the generous stop offs for... um..looking.

Like how my hair looked too...shining like a newly minted penny. So, 70% off sale and a good hair day! What's not to like?

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