Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ready, Aim, SNOW! Jan. '07

If I am headed across the mountains this weekend, it will surely snow! Happens so frequently I am already ready to cancel at a moment's notice. But it is my middle's birthday and I would like to be there.

Cindy, I think you're on to me. But send the soup anyway. I'm getting lazy with all this coddling! While I am waiting though I'll roll out the Earl Gray again. Love that stuff.

Too wimpy to do the treadmill today but I did do my weights. Monday I will make an appointment and see if we can finally get this whupped. I am tired of this recurrent viral thing. It must be me re-infecting myself somehow.

I am all packed, have my book light in my backpack and hope to goodness I will remember the book. Cannot sleep without some reading first. Old established habit so I could sleep coming off my 12 hr. shifts. You need a routine.

I did change the sheets again today (I like to do that every few days...I'm spoiled) and the cat has been spread out on the counterpane all afternoon and evening so far. That thing LOVES fresh sheets. And if I have the high thread count ones on...that bed is hers! She rolls in it..spreads out..takes possession and looks like the opulent Lady she is. One thing for sure..she's pretty smart about my coughing. She starts out on my chest like a Sphinx. BUT when I am coughing so much and so hard, even though I grip both her sides to keep her from being (are you ready for this????) catapulted off into the air (I was hoping for a chance to say that!) she gets annoyed and slides off to my side. Now, first cough and she's up by my pillow, having given up any hopes of sleeping on me. But then, that helps me sleep better with her off to the side. Works for both of us.

So, I will set the clock and be off to Charlotte in the morning..I'll check the blogs while there. Be back Sunday late afternoon.

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