Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010 First real day of Fall weather

My goodness. The temp in the house never got over 70 yesterday and when I woke this morning it was 68. Needless to say it is too early to turn on heat But you almost want to regardless (no, I won't do it) because the change from 90's and more was so abrupt. Our bodies are used to being hot.

I went to bed last night wearing long jammies for the first time since late Spring. Somewhere at the end of the week, it will be mid 40's at night. Now I may have to have a touch of heat to get the chill off the house..just once in the morning so that the day can warm it up more easily.

I went for my flu shot today. They combine the regular flu shot with the H1N1 and I suppose I will have a sore arm to remind me. Better than having the flu.

Indeed I am going over the mountains weekend after this one. October 8th. Maybe I can learn better how to use the new lens which I am not having a lot of luck with right now.

I believe I will keep porting over the blogs and stay here and after getting all the blogs off Spaces, delete it. You?


  1. It was cold again here last night, mid 40s. I have 2 blankets on the bed and the bed spread, all felt good last night.
    I got my flu shot last Friday and my arm hasn't bothered me at all, knock on wood.
    I switched my sunshine space to wordpress to see what it would do. It is really blah looking after spaces and blog spot. I have deleted all of my pics from my main space.

  2. "One of these days"... I might get around to cleaning up the Spaces....but, I'm just not in much of a hurry. All of my "notices" from the spammers from Spaces go into my "alternate...#3 yahoo account", which I only check about once a week.
    Weather here has cooled down nicely... electric blanket sure feels good!

  3. It was so hot on the weekend here almost +30 and I just could not take it. Other than that it is cool aready with lots to frost. Have had my fireplace going a few times and yes the heat too and will from here on in. We could have snow in a month to stay.
    Sorry you have to delete your blog Carole. All the love that you put into it and work. I know how you feel . Its hard.
    But something funny did happne. Three little ones found the house tonight and were looking in the back door window at Paris. He wanted to get them. Too funny. They are so cute.
    Have a great day tomorrow.

  4. I read an interesting article yesterday implying that flu shots might lower the risk of heart attacks!


  5. Im trying to catch up on your blogs. I went though your archive and did find your latest on the lens. There you will find my comment.
    Have a great day

  6. I'm just dreading the coming cold season. I hibernate more and more during that time each year.

    I'm pretty much decided to come over here. May even do it later today. Jack will be going bow hunting for a couple days and that should give me plenty of uninterrupted time. Is it difficult to move you posts to here? I have already deleted some photos.

  7. I love sleeping in a cool room with the blankets pulled up around my neck...last night was cool here too.