Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turnabout Jan '07

Turnabout is fair play, the old saying goes. It will be my turn one day.

One of my blogging friends had a saying in her blog that went something like this..that you should always be more kind than necessary to others as they are going through things that are hard.

Of course, I try to do that anyway but it is too easy to forget extra kindness in the rush of everyday things. Unfortunately it is not always at the top of the mindset as you go about every day business. But with that timely reminder, it has remained at the top of my thought processes much better in this past several days. I've had a few chances to use it.

Already been up on the treadmill, did my weights and doing my face to head out. The rain has not frozen yet but the temp has dropped and it is 35 degrees now. So it's knocking at our town's door! If I want to get out and around, now is the time. Updated info says it will remain too warm for the much talked about ice storm here.

I have been on a fresh fruit thing for several weeks.  I will buy some more when I go out.  Not apples, pears, oranges but I am afraid it is summer and spring fruits I crave.  The only place I won't go is cherries.  I'll wait. $6.99 a pound..no, not even me.  Oh and for pete sakes...who knows how to eat a genuine pomegranate fruit?  Seeds?  Rind, neither?  Both?  What do you DO with the thing???

I have been around to see most and will continue when I get back into the house. Then you can ask me if I brought you anything while I was out. If you were good..then the answer is yes.

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