Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Um Um Good Jan. '07

Love the ideas for spaghetti night! I wrote some of the ideas down so as to remember them next time. I just have no imagination whatsoever in combinations of things to go with others meal-wise. I keep doing the same old same old things. Thanks, seriously, for the good ideas.

Oldest son is back home and I cleaned up a little after a short half hour nap with Ms. Cat on my lap. Those things (cats) are lethal. They will make you nap even if you don't think you want to. Someone else I said that to said the Sandman also is a culprit as he gets up on the chair back and throws sand down in yours and the cat's eyes. I just know that my eyes will slam shut no matter what if I am there, it's quiet (and it always is), and she is on my lap. Hang it up. It's all over. Zzzzz's everywhere. Those that I don't use I have to vacuum up soon as I wake up.

I did get up on the treadmill and I did the weights but it was raining out there..gloomy looking and I had no enthusiasm whatsoever. It was all I could do to get up there. It didn't help that oldest was here and I'd rather be talking to him.

There was happily for me, a re-run last night on the Animal Channel of Eddie that baby black leopard I spoke other day in my blog. I sat right down and watched the entire thing again, happily. It is some Preserve near Denver I think...I do know it is in CO. I have my little leopard though, right here looking up at me as I write.

I do believe I have been to see each one of ya. Come and see me..I missed you.

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