Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Valhalla (probably misspelled) Jan. '07

Probably spelled that wrong.

Anyway, it was snowing like anything..and the phone rang with it being a chirpy 'good morning, it was S**rs and they are on their way with the treadmill'! I said 'cool', and was waiting by the door. I know why I was first on the list. I live at the top of a pretty darn good sized hill. Remember I said it was snowing. (snow shower it turns out but it laid an inch down in no time) So..he showed up. Parked the pick up truck on the street. OK. Got out a dolly, set it on the street, turned to leap up into the back of the pick up and of course the dolly took off running down hill. Oh it was funny. He hopped off the bed of the truck and took off literally running after the dolly which could have hit anything. He caught up with it, and hauled himself and it back to the PU truck. He tried in the pelting snow to wrestle the treadmill (fully assembled but folded down) off the PU truck and onto the slithery snowy street. There was no one to help..just him. I struggled into my coat, pulled the hood up and was in my shoes to go lend a hand when he finally got the dolly and mill together and started hauling it to my front door. I went out anyway to hold the screen door open. We manoeuvred and got it in. Wiped it down...got it in place, disassembled the old one..hauled it out.

He set it up, we called it a day, and he took off like a big bird in his silver colored PU truck.

After hitting the grocery for tomorrow's meal w/ one of my sons, I came back and used my new treadmill. WHEW! Seems like it was harder today. But me and the iPod are back together making tracks with the new treadmill. By the way..no wonder the weights seemed lighter and that necessitated me buying heavier ones. heck, I finally realized I was only doing one set each of everything. Good grief. No wonder it seemed too little. It WAS too little so today, 3 sets of 10. Who knows where my mind was all these months.

I think that should end my rants. I haven't been to see hardly anyone yet today but I will start now.

Have a good one.

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