Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watched Pot Syndrome Jan. '07

A watched pot never boils..and a listened for phone never rings.  Ever notice that?  I am waiting for delivery of my new treadmill.  I went out as soon as they were open at 1200 yesterday and bought a new treadmill.  Can't wait to hope for one in the paper's classifieds though that was a super idea IF I could wait.  I don't want to get out of rhythm as it were.

I am on the list for today's delivery but I have no way of knowing how many are ahead of me.   I could call and may do so as the afternoon wears on and I get more and more impatient.  They have my cell number as well so I won't have to sit in the house..I can hurry back as long as I don't go far.  I will wager however, that it won't get here till tomorrow if I am lucky.

I loved the humor from several about giving it its thank you's and a proper send-off.  I will do so and have done so already except its actual exit from its home, this house where it has lived for about fifteen years.

Apparently the days of free delivery are well over.  My eye opening experience came yesterday when I learned I had to pay them the munificent sum of $65.00 to bring it here for me.  They are supposed to take the old one with them when they leave. I don't have any men in standby who can help me with this conundrum of what to do with something too heavy and bulky for my car and too heavy and too bulky for me to handle once home assuming it could get into my car (which it cannot) and..I am a complete set of thumbs with no fingers at all (or common sense) when it comes to putting something together.  My spatial relations got left behind the door when I was  created.  So..I am here...dressed and waiting for the treadmill who shall arrive at ???? hrs.

Meanwhile..moving on, it is sunny and 41 degrees.  Cooler than yesterday with still the promise of snow showers tomorrow. (ain't gonna happen!)

I feel like Johnny Cash this morning.  I am all in black!  (must be over the demise of my treadmill) I will haul my guitar out (yes I have one and I can play it) and start singing.  Can't get as low in pitch as he did but...I can try!)

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure did.


I see I still have a temper.  I called the store to ask when my treadmill was going to be delivered..and I assure you I did it VERY nicely. At that time, there was no reason not to be nice.  I said who I was, that I had bought the treadmill yesterday, had been told it would be delivered and set up today and what did the manager say? " I have NO idea what you are talking about!" and he said it in a not too customer friendly tone.  Nothing pushes all my buttons at once better or faster than a rude person.  And I have never been a shrinking violet I assure you.  So I piled in the vehicle and had 3 miles to continue to build up a head of steam.  Another manager had care of me when I got there and I said " THIS is what I am 'talking about' and your org would be better served training _____ to be polite to the customer when they call.  Stating in a terse manner like I was an idiot that he had no idea what I was talking about..that tone, is why I am here right now."
I was decently quiet talking..apologized to the current guy for being mad as it wasn't at him.  Then we may have gotten this mess straightened out.  According to this particular guy, the little associate boy was new (and he was young) and didn't ring it up in the manner that would trigger them having to deliver.  I said fine..but regardless, that manager needed some lessons in courtesy.  That if I had spoken to someone on the phone like that and in that tone at work, I would be severely talked to.  Oh, I was hopping mad.  One day down with no workout, another coming.  If I don't get that thing in the morning, I will go and get all my money back and go somewhere I can depend on.
This is S**rs, by the way.

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