Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well see, it was like this... Jan '07

OK. I hit the treadmill this morning right off the bat. Just hated every minute this time (so like yesterday) and did my weights instead after just 10 minutes on the treadmill. I think I mentioned that this is a less expensive treadmill than the one it replaced and therefore one cannot change the angle. It is permanently on a slant. So, hating it, I got off, did my weights as I said and got dressed and headed out the door to the Mall with my iPod and NO wallet this time. Well, it was in the glove box of the car. But it was just me and the iPod this time IN the Mall.

I must say I did great. 40 minutes without stopping there at the Mall and ten minutes here. However. And that is a significant "however" I happened..just happened to notice a white cropped jacket. Double breasted, little so-called military look to it (you know how I am about that! Love love love!!!) But cropped near waist level..just above. Wide lapels, large white buttons...detailing on the sleeve...what's a woman to do? Go get the wallet out of the glove box! 70% off for pity sakes! This ought to do well for skirts (with or without a shell under) jeans (I have 45 pr. or so after all) whatever!

I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup a few days ago and this afternoon, I have about finished it up. I was hungry on return to the house. That and a quick read of the newspapers brought me to an upright position wanting to do more walking. But not on the treadmill. Maybe up the hill IF it gets a little warmer.

I have a wee little piece of chicken to cook tonight for supper. Just that and a veggie will do me. I don't think anyone will be knocking down the door to have supper with me when I tell the menu!

I think I have been around to see most everyone. Hope it has been as good a day for you as it has for me..and tomorrow IF I go back to the Mall..it will be to the Be-lks end..not JC Penn-eys!!! That way, I will just see it as I approach and turn at its doors. But a little cropped jacket...you have to have that!!!

Goody's has a sale. I threw the darn circular out. Oh and were there flames coming out from under my shoes this morning as yesterday? Darn tootin'. You should have been there! Race ya if you do show up!

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