Saturday, October 16, 2010

Alrighty Then.. July 2007

You know, it's a shame to have a good hair day at night. Well, it is if you are not going anywhere. I had to wrestle with my hair this afternoon because I won't have time tomorrow what with things to do. So of course it looks absolutely smashing!!! Rats. I feel like I need to dude up and go out now!

I put in a URL yesterday about manners. I also indicated that manners are important to me. Once again I got a good lesson regarding the "do as I say not as I do" syndrome. I stopped at a store today to get something important to me, a bird bath, for the welfare of the outside birds as we are deep into a drought. The store obviously did not have the things I wanted, though I know they had them previously. I know that because a family member bought them at this particular store. You might have thought I had asked State secrets or something equally bizarre. It was like I was suddenly speaking Latin or something and the woman was unable to understand a simple bird bath! Then, when I lowered my voice even more than it already was (I felt irritated with her attitude and lack of knowledge..and so I made a conscious effort not to sound irritated) and she took exception to my having lowered my voice. And said so, what's more!!! That REALLY irritated me then, and my manners slipped some as I sarcastically thanked her for the help I never got. I left quickly before my natural "tone" really took over. So, with all my attention and speaking/writing about manners, I lack them same as everyone else if I get the wrong button pushed by clerks.

Somebody with 4 short legs poked my face with a warm forepaw this morning...purred loudly and all of it way too early, to get me up. It did not matter that I had only been asleep 5 1/2 hrs. Nope, not to her!!! But before the oldest son went home he got biscuits, eggs over easy, bacon and coffee..all thanks to her! She got me up in plenty of time.

I was looking closely at that picture I posted yesterday of the cat watching that movie. I paid no attention when I took the photo to the fact her brushing mat was on the floor...her fur all over the carpet... anywhere BUT the mat, and I wish I had straightened up or vacuumed before I took the photo. As some women would say, and I am one of them.."sorry for the mess".

Have a great evening. I will, with picture perfect hair and no one to see it till tomorrow.

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