Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautiful Day April 2007

Thanks to a suggestion, I changed my profile picture. Also, until that suggestion I had no idea my profile had disappeared. While blundering around in the edit phase one day I must have inadvertently obliterated it. However there it is again, and just as useless as the first time.

I feel so much better and thank you. I told one of my sons a moment ago that several days of 200-400 calories each have flattened me considerably. Water weight to be sure. A little applesauce this morning and three sheets of graham crackers...that'll do it. I have stopped coffee for some unknown reason. I don't know if that will continue or not but for now,I have turned to my Earl Gray. Just the thought of coffee right now is tummy turning. Black teas as Earl Gray is, is better for one anyway.

Guess what? I am in my shorts. It's 51 outside and 68 it isn't because it's know what I am going to try to do despite several days absence from the treadmill. If I can't stand it after a few minutes I will give myself the option of getting off. Hm. First time I ever spelled "getting" with three t's. Glad I caught that.

There is a cool cemetery in Knoxville called Old Gray Cemetery.
And I am bustin' to get over there with my oldest son and get some pictures and perhaps do some rubbings. I have never done rubbings before but seems like a good time to start. It is quite lovely and they have some cool events through the year. It's from the Victorian era so the tombs/gravestones are beautiful art.

Since it is beautiful and going to be in the 80's today, I will surely not be here much in the afternoon.Always assuming I am able to leave for a more extended time considering the nature of my malady. I may feel better in many ways but there is still a problem. Time will tell.

My four footed nursemaid served me well. Amazing how pets, when they are beloved and know it, return that love many fold in their own ways. Have you read about Purr Therapy? It's real. One of my sons was telling me in an email that the Discovery Channel had a program about it a few days ago. Something about a certain frequency of sound that can be or is healing to fractures and many other interesting things. So happens a cats' purr is that frequency. She laid on my belly quite a bit (which is what was bothering me to say the least) ..I entreated her to not. She agreed to stay on my legs or chest instead or the top of my head, and worked on my illness from those vantage points. I will hate to see her bill when she submits it to my accountant! But as I am better, it will have been worth it I'm sure.

Meanwhile you know what is in there waiting for my first attempt in three days.

Have a great weekend!

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