Friday, October 15, 2010

Beautiful Day June 2007

Sunday and a beautiful one at that. Early, I had to go to the grocery and get some things I was out of and get ready for the trip to see one of my sons in Charlotte this weekend. I get to go to my first outdoor concert..a real one that you have to pay to get in to hear. A true first for me. I don't think my youngest son reads my blog so it will still be a surprise to him when we get there and head out.

I had to ask "may I" to go this weekend as I am supposed to work Friday and Saturday. I have to say I don't much care to have to do that again. I thought I was over having to say "Mother, may I?" but I am not. You who are not from the South did not understand my sentence if you read it instead of skimming. When we say we don't care to do something that means we do NOT want to do it. I was going back over the wording for spelling errors and it occurred to me that it might read like I am saying I like it on one hand (asking permission) and saying that I thought that was over for me, on the other hand. MEANWHILE...MOVING RIGHT ALONG..............

Ye old back hurts, but not quite as acutely as last Sunday when I started moaning about it in earnest here in the blog. Man. I guess laying around not doing shift work etc etc made my back think it could actually relax now (it didn't really bother me that much unless I over did it till I started working).

The raccoon(s) did not notice that there is matter in the new can out there. Hmmm. I fully expected a mess this morning when I opened the blinds. Nothing..not a stone nor lid out of place. Whew. That's probably to lull me into the proverbial sense of false security! Those of you who have not trolled my guest book lately, please go look! If that isn't the cutest picture I have ever seen!!!! Thank you again Milly and MissDazey for the smiles. HUGS.

I have begun gathering a few things toward the weekend. I have to work Thursday, so that takes away time I would have had before we leave on Friday. I just have things I want to take to give to that son or my it is his birthday this weekend!! Grandson that is.

You would have liked my outfit yesterday. I am wearing every pair of black slacks/pants I can find so I can wear the SAS shoes. But black wide legged pants, a red satin cami and a black and white tiny houndstooth short-sleeved  dry cleanable top to stay "decent" in the store..very nice if I say so myself..and as I said to a dear friend, I frequently DO say so myself. But then, what are Diva's for???

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