Friday, October 15, 2010

Count Down June 2007

Work count down starts far as I am concerned, today. I have the rest of the day thru till I begin again on Thursday. I just got back home from the salon where I left $101.00 plus tip (should have been a been a stock market one) and come home for the pest control guy, lunch and back out again after the news. I may beat the thunderstorms that are supposed to get here soon. We are close to 12 inches below normal for rain so far for the year and in a drought.

Here is a URL that includes some new info for you regarding that toothpaste that was recalled.  There are some that are fakes with the name "Colgate".

Thank you for the prayers and the good wishes for my extreme discomfort. It is a disc problem rather than a muscular one and I know that a lack of what caused the problem to flare up this much, will soothe it. That is what is sad. I really like the job. I am caught between a rock and a hard place right now. I am still trying to deal with it and think it over. If worse comes to worse, I will put the wardrobe to good use and go somewhere else that does not require standing so much.

Meanwhile, the raccoons DID come by but there is no new trash/garbage in there for their delectation so while I could see they lifted the lid to sample the delicacies within..or at least the fragrances within, they left it relatively unscathed. Hooray. I didn't have to do anything more than turn the cans upright again. The bungees were still on..but then, they were before, weren't they, while the trash contents were everywhere! :-)

I have worn a great deal of the lettering off my new laptop keyboard! Man, they don't make things as they used to, do they? This is not an inexpensive machine either. There seems no such thing as a white inked Sharpie. And believe me, I have looked far and wide every where I have gone, in and out of State. Makes it worse when you cannot touch type and for those of you who are out there tempted as before to say, "well, learn then" some folks just cannot. My talents lie elsewhere. Those who touch type may happily include touch typing as one of their talents particular to them. I will never be able to claim that one thing.

I am on my way to a good brisk blog walk!!!

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