Friday, October 15, 2010

The Empresses New Clothes June 2007

No..not really. But I want to. One, as do many women, I have the closet stocked with several sizes of clothes going up and down. Right now I am on the "going down" side of the scale. I am not eating out of boredom and conscious that I have to be dressed to the nines and able to get into the 9's type clothing !! So that means unless I care to spend money that I shouldn't have to, buying new clothes to fit an ever expanding frame, I need to watch my step. Yes, I have exercised every day. but if you eat too much anyway despite that exercise, you are not're staying even. What brought this topic up is, I was looking in the closet where I put the 6 outfits for the starter outfits and I am dis-satisfied already!! I think I will just get satisfied again!!!

I have the clock set for 0600 as it is a long day tomorrow. No..I don't have to go in that early. Just I need lead time. You know how some women are..I am one of those! I can't stand bounding out of bed straight into the car and into work. U-G-H!!

Vivian had said in a comment that soon I could tell folks how to tell real from false in jewelry.. I can do that already. One reason he hired an untrained person like me is I have a good background in book larnin'. And I have demonstrated that knowledge to him thru the years that he has known me, talking to him off and on while there about all the types of gemstones there are, things about I have a good eye. I am trainable to the professional level. Thing is, I do not want a full time job. I told him that a few weeks ago when he approached me, and he heard me say that. I hope he remembers that as I have other commitments. But I am grateful for this part time job. And it is great to be around lots of people again. I practically leaped across the counter when they came in. But since I was wearing THE black top...

Yesterday I did not, but today I got my exercise in. No idea what my problem was yesterday. Must have been afraid I would mess up my hair or something. :-)

I think I mentioned yesterday if I remember correctly that in  the 'Stream of Consciousness' space to my left in the links column, there is a link inside the blog regarding the steady decline of song birds. It's sad to read. There is something we CAN do..but will we? We are killing our bees...we are killing our birds...

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