Monday, October 25, 2010

Food & Friends & Pitbulls O MY!

I had the pleasure of being squired to a favorite restaurant last night for another birthday dinner.  We had a great time.  She was good and did not alert the staff to the fact that this was a birthday bash.  Whew.  Don't like the Happy Birthday singing and attention in a public place.  Been there, done that.  No more, thanks.

Anyway, we were standing in the parking lot after..she was smoking and she was speaking about her place of work and about where they have, in this State, declared it unlawful  to smoke in public places anywhere.  Unless it is a place staffed by 2 people only or unless there are people disabled to the point of not getting out.  If Kimmy reads this, she can correct me if needed.  Our State's Governor started this action and got it passed.

Regardless, my friend's workplace (a Bank) told the employees that as of 10/1, they would have to be 50 feet away from the building to smoke.  She got to saying the same things I have ranted about in the blog...that to pick on smokers per se and leave the drinkers alone is pretty much bias.  I am referring to the gigantic taxes smokers have to pay and alcohol is still where it was in the tax system.  I am referring also to the encouraged prejudice and bias against smokers.  The general idea is, they, the smokers, are three headed Hydra monsters and like snakes are thought of...need killin' or something. I don't smoke.  Haven't smoked in a year and a half.  But as I have ranted about before in the blog..fair is fair.  Smokers are easy to pick on.  Yada yada yada..I KNOW all the no need to tell me.  Been there personally.  But it's still not fair to them. 

However, she invited me over to the next town where her house is, and though I wasn't expecting to be out again, I accepted.

She has, via her son who travels too much to keep him, a raised from a baby Pit Bull.  Samson is the very example of, if you raise them right, they are just as wonderful as any other dog.  I was scared to death and blogged about this once before, to meet him.  Me and a guy were invited to dinner one night and I figured I may as well risk it.  That dog is a big loving baby!  Aside from the fact he is big and heavy and can knock you over, you could not ask for better. He is always in your lap..always washing every square inch of skin he can find exposed.  She had to give me and Mitch each a towel, Samson washed us so much we were wet!  Not fun.  He is still virtually untrained but his manners are a bit better after a year and a half.  Except one endearing thing. 

We were all seated at the dinner table having our meal and talking.  Mitch was smiling more than usual in my direction as was my friend.  I kept eating and chatting while they kept looking at me and just kept smiling.  Somehow I happened to look downward a little and there was a large Pit Bull face, positioned between my bosoms (I had no idea) pointed straight UP..looking soulfully into my face  with those brown eyes, hoping for a bite of supper.  After I finished laughing..and he still right there..I asked permission to give him some of the food on my plate.  At that time she said OK.  Now he isn't allowed people food.  But then...he ate some of my meal. 

Last night after a thorough bath from Sampson and being rolled on by 80 pounds of muscle...he was a bit more polite.  He went over and just relaxed on his rug.  But then, back to lay by my side after another bath.  He was hand raised from a baby and knows nothing but love.  He's proof, I think, that a house kept (he only goes out to play under supervision and to use his "bathroom") and very loved and gently raised dog can return the love and not be a danger. 

Anyway you know and I know the treadmill awaits.  You may as well join me.  Then we can both feel like we did something!!Red heart

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