Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday the 13th, Indeed! July 2007

I am not really serious, as I do not believe in superstition at all. Not even a little. But, coincidentally, today was embarrassing at work. There were four...count 'em... four separate and embarrassing incidents where something came up with a customer paying or picking up things that had never happened to me..hence I had not been trained..hence I came to a screeching halt. Yup. All ahead stop. Had to ask for assistance. All was well as the customer was understanding especially when I said I am still pretty much a rookie and these particular circumstances had not come up before. However there was one of those ladies who feels very important as she is in the League of Women's Voters ( as am I, but she didn't recognize me) and appears in the local newspaper occasionally as she is on something or other in the City. She got all yucky about my hesitation and went to see the owner. I was angry AND embarrassed. And when I get really angry and my former job...everyone knows. But in this case, I kept my mouth closed. The owner said nothing to me. I know he knows, of all people as he is the one who hired me, that I am new and can't know every odd thing. But I could have tripped her on the way out. Oh well..I sulled up for 15- 20 minutes and got over it.

Weather was not happy today. Cloudy all day..about 30 drops of rain..and that was it. And by the way, I don't think in the several months going on, that I have worked there that I have EVER seen so many customers !!! They were coming in streams!!! I hope I have one gentleman interested in a Tahitian pearl necklace. Just a pendant in this case with a white gold chain. Those type of pearls are very expensive as they come from Tahiti...the South Seas, and are salt water pearls. Exquisite in color. Generally dark as in black, or darkest teal. Some are lighter...a green look, rose creamy color perhaps...a golden look.   They are very lustrous. That sort of sale would be a feather in my cap.

Already planning tomorrow. Last Saturday was my lucky day in a manner of speaking as I sold those diamonds I spoke of.

Hope you guys had a good day and that the rest of the weekend is fun.

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