Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gee whiz 10/07

My goodness, I get rid of the stinky but beautiful hairy (did you see all those hairs all over the blossoms?) cactus blossoms and left them to smell up the outdoors and I have a headache for my trouble.

Not really.  The medicine the doctor prescribed for me yesterday for this little malady I have has as a side effect, the ability to set off some pretty good headaches.  And I have had a whopper of a head ache since yesterday morning.  And I have 6 more days of these pills which means 6 more days of headaches.  No Tylenol will help.  I remind myself that things could be so much worse and just bear up.

I made the oldest his supper before I went to The Big City to get him where he works.  The CEO's wife came out, wrung my hand and told me how lucky they are to have him.  Talk about music to a mother's ears!  Anyone who knows me in person who is reading this knows that I grinned and said that yes, they ARE lucky to get him.  None better. He is loving the job and that is a sign that all is in place for a good career.  I made him a ziti dish as a main dish..some buttered green peas as a side and...ta dah...some corn muffins!  I made a lemon sponge cake for dessert...Beth Marie..I saved some for you.  We'll have some lima beans first though...and this morning, he had bacon, eggs and jellied toast.  No biscuits this time.Disappointed

The VOLS are playing on ESPN tonight.  I am going to watch but through my fingers.  They have had the worst season in VOL history I think.  It's a late game (bad standing in the rankings..I am amazed they are even televising it in any way!) at 1945 till what?  2300?  So, I'll hurry up and take a quick shower, get into my jammies and watch whatever happens.  We are playing South Carolina.  GO VOLS!!!

It will snow in the Great Smoky Mountains this weekend as I am likely going thru those mountains to Charlotte.  It ALWAYS snows when I set my foot and car tires on the roadways it seems.  I have blogged often that I wouldn't be surprised to have a blizzard going in August...simply because I an trying to get thru the mountains.  Remember that huge snow storm in  the Smoky Mountains I blogged about that got me back in APRIL!!!???  I, like, shouted at the mountains as we all of us crept at 25 mph upward and downward....."KIDDING, for pity sake!!!" I guess *I* got told!! It DID snow. That whole thing came about because between October late and March as I was working that 12 hr shift rotation and finally had a weekend (just one a month) to would snow or threaten to!  So a dear friend, on hearing me say "I'm headed to Charlotte this weekend" would say " Oh, is it going to snow then???" as she was well aware how many times I had to change my plans because of impending snow or...turn around and come back home.  So...this weekend..let us see what happens!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank goodness the smells are clear of the house.Red heart
P.S. A picture from last Winter just as the snow was getting going.

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