Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Ideas 8/2007

I appreciated the ideas about car covers (NEVER thought to look elsewhere!!!) and stain removal.  Much appreciated.  I will call around today during down times at work and see who has one.  Dang I am glad you thought of that!  Thank YOU!

I got tickled at the idea of painting a name on it to discourage thieves.  "Homer" might not be my first choice, but no one want to be associated with Maxine's looks I might try Maxine if.
A thick coat of wax is indeed my best defense.  I take it to the auto wash and that spray wax is on it..and obviously, that is not enough.  Toy-ota offers a hugely expensive wash/wax thing there at the dealership.  Employees are charged just under a hundred dollars I was told..and us poor saps pay $130.00 or thereabouts.  Apparently it's worth it. (they say) It only needs to be done a couple times a year and it really does make cleaning a LOT easier.  Stuff just glides off.  My best defense would be to call and make a time to go out there.  That means The Big City.

I need to get my face on.  I am dressed with no face and no hair.  If I don't get cracking I will be the Invisible Woman.  Just a stack of clothes floating around the store.  I have some pf my jewelry in a plastic baggie.  May as well clean them with the ultrasonic cleaner.  I used to have an ultrasonic cleaner but I think it has gone the way of all things..thrown out accidentally.  Diamonds and gold look so brilliantly sparkly after being in one.


Yup, I own my home and nope it isn't a condo.  There are times, what with the leaves and trees and grass mowing I wish it WAS a condo.  :-)

Yup, that's is me in the pictures and no, I wasn't a teenager when they were taken.  I just put linoleum in front of the lens.

Yup, I have thought of my own business but then, I came to my senses and realized I would never make it.  I am too unworldly
and I don't have that drive.

Nope..just one middle-aged cat.

Yup, I do have a lot of energy and I enjoy friends.

Can't remember the others I get from time to time and I need to quit stalling and git gone. Red heart

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