Sunday, October 3, 2010

Got a Question..Several of Them 2/07

One..why on earth is it assumed that everyone likes mushrooms? No, everyone does NOT like mushrooms. I don't like mushrooms and yet every frozen entree has the cussed things. I have to stand there over the trash can and pick them out. You never get them all. One little disguised piece of rubber-like fungi will make its way onto your fork and into your mouth and bite down on the thing. Question is where to spit it out? Now, if I am in polite company I will eat the things, though as little as possible, just to be nice. But man, I don't like them.

Helped a woman friend with another part of her job seeking today. Yesterday I helped her with her first, I got an unexpected call  from her asking if I would allow my email address to be used by a possible employer to send my friend an application. She has my old 3rd son wiped the HD..reformatted it..installed freebies etc, anti virus and spyware detecting..and I gave it, the computer, monitor, and my old 3 in 1 printer to her. She isn't too technically inclined so she is waiting on her only boy to visit and set it up for her. Then she'll have an email address. I said sure, have them send it. It arrived immediately and she came over to fill out all the forms and we zapped it off into the ether.

Meanwhile..another burning question. In all seriousness...please respond. If you were chosen to judge a swimsuit contest, what criteria would you use to choose the winner? I am serious. Someone who is going to judge one wants to know what to look for. This is not a talent's swimsuit only. No other considerations such as talent, etc. Can you help the person out? They will read this blog to get some ideas.

I gave my entire body a break from the fitness today. Weights included. I have been hitting it hot and heavy every day and seven days a week since October last year. Except when someone said quit already because I was sick with that virus then and could hardly move. So, my legs were tired..they needed a break. Tomorrow, we, my legs and me, hit the trail again.

The son who does photography as a hobby is off on a photo safari tomorrow. I can't wait to see what he gets photos of. (Was that grammatical? I don't think so).

Someone pul-eeze come and help me with these books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my desk cleaned off and things filed AND I rolled..ready for this??? $104.00 worth of change that was in a saucer and a drink cup on my dresser~! Took it to the bank!

Don't forget the judging.


  1. Well.everybody had different in their test?
    I do love them :-)
    It was nice to your 3 son's kind to help out this lady thats very warmth story.

    Swimsuit it need to be comfortable and not too sexy looking style? But this idea is for at the school etc.
    But these day is more likely for sexy looking that way?

    Yes Sis! you need to bulid up high your immune system and have a good rest for toward to the cold winter time.

    Hope your son's get a best shoot for ??
    wait see :-)

    Miss Catt's keep you busy all the time thats good for you to keep you younger sis?
    It is 0730 hrs too early to thinking about for blogging?
    We have had two days a great weathers and another
    showerly day for a week?

  2. Swimsuit Competition: If I used a 1-10 pt scale with 10 being highest, I'd break it down as follows:
    Swim suit style: 20%
    How well the suit fits (not too skimpy: 30%
    Overall look: General body sculpting, grace in walking and posing, and being pretty: 50%

  3. ...I feel the same way about brocolli.

    Swimsuit? Athletic sculpted body, and a suit that fits...I prefer one piece for competion like swimmers suits

  4. DUH!!!!! Went back and reread the post and noticed that it was a "reprint" from 3 1/2 years ago.