Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Groan 3/07

Last evening I thought to myself...why not finally break out the apparatus you have and try Pilates? I have read and heard about the exercise, and I bought a beginner's kit so to speak and put it away in the closet due to a severe lack of time. I had good intentions...some day.

Finally I took it out of the closet and placed it where I could see it. That worked. I took up the cudgels finally and tried it out.

Ohhhh, oh oh my. OH my! I don't think I spent more than ten minutes total IF. It was boring..I wasn't too sure of what to do at first though I had illustrations to help. So I concentrated on upper body. Afterward, I put it away and eventually went to bed. Somewhere in the night I woke to flip over and stretched before I flipped.

I found that unknown to me, someone had come in during the night previous to my waking up, and had snapped every muscle I have, and then they must have worked me over with the proverbial rubber hose.

I made it over onto my other side,and fell back to sleep. This morning on springing out of the bed (no help waking up from my furred alarm clock! She's slipping! I'll dock her pay, I will!) I discovered that my sides and my entire torso are zinging not to mention my calves! Yepper, it's faintly uncomfortable but a good thing ultimately. It surprises me however, as I do the weights routine every single day and my leg muscles are like iron from the treadmill. (I noticed that yesterday while bending to pick something up from the floor. I reached to brush away a string that was hanging from the back of my shorts leg, my left hamstring area. That's when I noticed the hamstrings are like a solid wall. I done good!)

Anyway, I see the resistance method which is a large part of Pilates, works everything. I may give those muscles a break today only and hit 'er again tomorrow. I even dreamed about it!!!

OK guys..we have a 1130 lunch today..be ready. AND we are going out for that celebratory dinner tomorrow evening. 5 of us plus you all. Be ready.

P.S. 1353 hrs.  I had lunch and it's a sad day indeed and a funny one when your date has to help you out of the chair and along the floor for the first 10 feet or so.  Man alive I am SORE!  Those Pilates exercises are killers at the first!

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