Monday, October 25, 2010

Happily Cloudy 9/07

It is cloudy out there..we had a little bit of rain last evening and the promise of a little bit more sometime or other today.  However that will not help with the drought.  But it will refresh the air and get the dust out there down to manageable.  P.S. I can say, after my treadmilling I just finished that it is raining to beat the band!  YES!Umbrella

I tried the cherry tea and it is good!  I was surprised with how good it is!  Had 2 of the cookies also.  Rather like a shortbread thing.  A little musty tasting to me.  I would not want to drink that exclusively..I love my Earl Gray but not bad at all!  I am glad I bought it.

I am sitting here but I am also ready for the treadmill.  I go through this every day.  "This" in case you're wondering is knowing I have to get up there a half hour minimum and just wanting to succumb to laziness and not do it.  I always have this silly battle with myself and the only way to get past it is to say aloud "Don't worry about it!" and then, I sneak up on myself and put on my shorts etc.  Then I am ready with a paper towel tucked into a corner of the treadmill for the womanly "dew" (sweat!).  All I have to do is put on my shoes. (I don't wear shoes in the house). Then I know there's no where to go but up on the treadmill.  Then I feel more like slinging the weights around.  After 11 months of doing this every day save a few when I have been gone out of town, working, or taking a day's break, there is a difference.  My legs and lower portions muscles are like concrete.  The poor things can't help it..they get use via exercise. That's a good thing.  My arms got as sculpted as they are able to be considering everything.  Don't care as much about that as I do there is muscle in them.

When it gets cold again I may take to doing the whole thing two times a day again. 

I have had to remove unsavory messages from an anonymous person who send out what are called cyber  "robots" used to plant unkind and slanted messages on innocent people's blogs.  Pretty desperate of them.

Meanwhile it is getting to what I term the witching hour here..when I really do need to be up on the 'mill and getting on with the day.

You guys have a good day.  And commemorate the people who were victim to the worst terrorist act committed on our soil on September 11, 2001.
Red heart

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