Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Oldest Son 5/29/2007

Happy Birthday to my oldest son. Today is the day of days. Hard to forget how happy we were when we found we were expecting a child. We were in Europe at the time and that is where he was born. We and he had to move to another location anywhere in Europe or farther, about every 6 to 7 weeks and it got to be a drag after he came along what with packing up and trying to transport all the baby things plus the discomfort to the baby... so, after a year of that, we come back to the States...Land of the Round Doorknobs!

In any case...our lives, mine in particular as a new Mom, changed dramatically for the better. In my often mentioned opinion, there is no greater privilege than having a child and no more grave a responsibility than rearing that child. Training them up in the way they should go. That's SO on YOU! You as parents hold the most influential key to your child/children's future and how he or she copes.

Happy Birthday my son! Your cake is finished and in the kitchen.

The tendon area I complained of yesterday still hurts, but not as acutely as it did for the previous 24 hrs. I managed to sleep fairly decently despite it. I went to bed with my tendon area on an ice pack. The cold distracted me from the burning pain enough to enable me to fall asleep. It is zinging now because I just got off the treadmill. Had to wear shoes.

I am fixing eggs, bacon and biscuits. They are for him, not for me. You better come and git it if you want any, before they're gone. Just went to get the bacon into a plate. Can ya smell that!? Um Um GOOD! I like those Eggland eggs. They are expensive but man, they are good. I can definitely tell a difference in taste. To me, they are well worth the cost.

I got another picture yesterday texted to me from Alaska. This time it was a clear top railway train, so one can see the scenery. I HOPE he sees the scenery!!! You know how it is there. Not a lot of sun I understand. Again, from the picture, it looked like a gray sky. Two days down into his photo safari now...the week to go. What is it...4 or 5 hours difference in the time between Alaska and here in the Southeast part of the U.S.?

I am waiting on biscuits to bake. If I were you, I'd get a move on. You have about 10 more minutes and remember, leave your shoes at the door.

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