Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hen's Teeth May, 2007

I have been busier than hen's teeth already today! I think I have been round to see most but not all doing the blog rounds.

I had time to get up and do my fitness routine..then I thought I would shampoo and deep condition. Leave it on half an hour. I was still enswathed (no such word) with the heavy deep conditioner and a shower cap on when the phone rang. One of my best friends wanted to come over and talk about things & despite still being in sweaty workout clothes, hair in a shower cap and certainly no shower yet and of course, no makeup. I said come on!! So I threw on a pot of coffee and she came over. We go back years, so she just served herself, used the phone instead of her cell phone to make important phone calls while I dried my hair later and curled it some...and then after talking about the problem..we headed out to lunch. I'm particularly glad I was with her today as she had an important chore right after she dropped me off here and I dissuaded her from her plan of action. Sometimes someone on the outside of a problem can see the solution better than those who are being hammered by the problem. She saw the path I pointed out and I believe she will save herself a bit of grief now. She does too.

I asked someone to come over and give me an estimate on gentle pressure washing my house. The man said $150.00 for this little place. I declined. Later my one son who also has the kind of siding I do said he paid that much. I think we two will buy a pressure washer and try to do our own places.

It is a breath taking beautiful day again today and we are 9 inches behind in rainfall for the year so far. Not good but sure is fabulous looking out.

I am learning a bit more about my new digital camera and getting critiques that I ask for, from my son. I send the disappointing ones..he looks and makes suggestions.

I have been to Ruby Tuesday's for the second day in a row now. The general manager is getting to know me. There is something about their chicken tenders that makes me order them over and over. LOVE the darn things. Theirs ARE tender, where Applebee's browns them to where they are tough.

Guess I will do a little cleaning up..a bit of vacuuming and make brownies for my son and grandson who will be here tomorrow. At 2200. Early start to Saturday for me as I have to be in Knoxville to get youngest and take him to the airport so he can get on his trip to Alaska. Family stuff all day Saturday and the son and his son head back to Charlotte Sunday afternoon. Birthday celebration Monday and Tuesday next week...wonderfully busy with family things.

Have an awesome day...I'm thinking of you.

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