Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Wonder What Really Happened 10/07

I know what SHE said, but I wonder what happened that caused Ma*ri*e O*smo*nd to faint like that last night on D*WT*S?  I wonder too if ABC requires that prospective dancers (not the pros) get intense physicals including stress tests before hand?  If they don't, I imagine they will now.  Poor woman.  I was extremely concerned when it happened..there was, of course, total silence as they just stood there looking at her.  Then, everyone started moving and talking.  Naturally it took a few seconds to comprehend (the host) what exactly happened, and to determine if it was just a joke, etc. Sadly it wasn't.

She was embarrassed as would anyone be.  I felt terribly for her in the aftermath.  But thankfully she was alright.  Thing is, fainting when you become winded isn't usually what happens to folks so I wonder if it is an underlying  thing?  She is such a delightful person with the best personality I have ever seen on that show.  I hope all is well with her. 

I can't say I thought  Serena was all that great last night.  No one was except Helio and Cameron in my opinion.  They, the judges, blasted Cameron and I have to wonder why.  My little opinion I felt they did great. 

We got some rain..maybe half an inch total yesterday and we are getting a little rain today as well.  Again, not a drought breaker but welcome nonetheless and refreshment for the trees and grasses.  One thing that was on the local news last night gave me such a good feeling hearing it.  Near by, about 45 miles from here there is a duck pond..a pretty large one too, that is bone dry.  (I think I mentioned that our river levels are alarmingly low...I have never seen so much land in my life instead of water) and large lakes used for water consumption in some municipalities are almost dry if not dry.   But I was saying...there is a town near by with a duck pond that is dry.  The ducks are sitting in it on dry parched ground. 

The citizens of the town took up money and had several thousands of dollars worth of water brought in and pumped out to the place where the pond had been..just to provide for the poor ducks.  It won't last unless we can get some rain, but the thought was..well, sort of don't want to use this word but to me, it was precious.  I can't think of another word expressive enough.

Time is getting away from me this morning..have things to do, people to annoy.  Hope it's a good one for you all.Red heart
P.S.  I am fixing to post 2 pictures I just took.  That stinking Stapelia cactus is BLOOMING now, IN my house, and the flowers are salad plate size.  P.U!  The one that looks droopy isn't..the blossom is just now unfurling.  Oh, it stinks in here SO bad!!!

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