Friday, October 15, 2010

Important Question For You to Think About June, 2007

I have a lot done but none of it housework. I think I will content myself with vacuuming. It really didn't get too bad in here anyway since the big clean up on Sunday afternoon. I have 1 day of work and that is tomorrow and I have arranged to be gone from the workplace after that until next Thursday when I begin that work week again. I will be back in town but unavailable to the workplace.

I have gathered almost everything we are taking to Charlotte. Including the grandson's project that he left here for me to show off. I won't put it into the car till Friday before I leave. It's large. Here following is a question for you. If you know about this program that was on several weeks ago, please message me or blog about it and let me know so I can come and read it.

OK. Question for any "Dateline" buffs out there. I forget about watching so I haven't seen this but a good friend of mine swears that there was a segment on Dateline not more than 2 weeks ago regarding so-called "hackers" who are able to turn your cell phone on without your help or knowledge and both listen to you no matter when and where AND take the data, whatever it may be, from your phone.

I told her I believe that's what she thinks she heard. But I cannot believe such a thing has happened. Did anyone see this and if so, would you tell me something about it??? It seems totally not so and I think that if such a thing were on the show, it was a bid to get money. Please know in advance: I am already aware that one can take information from the airwaves. Cell phones operate using radio frequency. I am not referring to the "old hat" thing of interfering with cell phone calls in that regard. I am referring to what my friend thought she understood. That being, that some persons out there have technology to turn your cell phone on. I don't believe it. Do you? Have you heard this??

P.S.  Turns out Lizzie's Lounge provided an answer and the very story my friend was trying to tell me about.  See my comments below for the URL.  Thank you Beth. 

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