Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love Was in the Air (no, not mine) July 2007

An unexpected perk. A very real one for me with my particular personality set is the pleasure of seeing three couples in love right in the store where I work. One was not a couple but a man that was by himself, a hopeful prospective groom to be more accurate and the other two were couples in the store choosing engagement and wedding rings. You may ask "Why is this a perk? Money?" Absolutely not. The perk is having the heart healing times of seeing a couple in love and at the beginning of their journey together. I have never had that privilege.

The man I spoke of was just about the sweetest (sorry, I have to use that word..there is no other that fits as well) of the three so far. I was helping him to choose an engagement ring. But I had only been working there several days so I was gently and nicely brushed aside by the salesperson who is training me, and I got to watch him and learn. But instead I was transported by the happiness and anticipation I saw on that prospective groom's face. There he stood...looking at several rings within his reach and several that were as he succinctly put it "Gosh, I could buy a CAR with the amount that one costs!" If you are was a beautiful set, wedding and engagement for $18,000.00. What was kind of cool to see was how many times he went back to it anyway because it was, as he was saying, beautiful and how much his girl would love it.

For me, the best moments came when I observed that smile that was coming and going. Just a big outward laughing..nothing like that. Just a ( comes that word again)...sweet small smile as he worked over the selections he had ultimately chosen, and tried to come to a decision. Now there was a wonderful thing to see. A man genuinely in love who wanted to choose something wonderful for his bride to be and perhaps something beautiful with which to "pop the question". I won't forget what a pleasure just watching that entire thing was.

Yesterday, I had the entire experience of conducting a quite young couple through the whole thing. They are so young. Maybe 19 and 20 something each. So somber, and nervous as well. Studying each selection. This was once I wished we had somewhat less expensive rings as these were seemingly out of reach for this loving couple. (they were a loving calm and considerate of one another couple. You should have seen them. And no, none of those distasteful public displays of affection) What a joy. The other couple were older but still...they were both earnestly looking for something both would love as a symbol of their love and commitment.

Just thought I would share that with you. I never knew I would be genuinely moved by such a thing. My life has never lent itself to having the simpler joys...with the wonderful and singular exception of being a mom.

It's almost 1100 and I may as well unglue myself from this chair. Have a wonderful Sunday. I so appreciate each one of you.

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