Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Mom Part of "As American as Apple Pie etc" July 2007

A paraphrase I am about to write here, that children are like arrows. Blessed is the man ( or woman) who has a quiver full. Psalms 127: 3-5
Certainly I feel blessed. For I have a quiver full of three strong and straight young men who are my sons.
Every other Mother's Day or so I embarrass them by writing to them and telling them thank you for being my children and I tell them how grateful I am to be their mother.
I never bought into the now decades old declaration that women belong to themselves or that women should eschew their role of motherhood for career or income. I know all the arguments to the contrary but they were never for me. They never spoke to me. No use writing them down here as an example that I know the arguments as we all know the arguments. To me, there is no greater calling nor any greater job as it were, than being a mom.
I was given the privilege (and that is exactly what it was, a privilege) to bear three sons. I was given three lives to nurture and love endlessly and without cease. No matter what. Me. I was given this greatest gift of all gifts a woman can be given. More priceless than pearls or gems. God saw I was ready and as in 1st Samuel, Chapter 1, verse 11, it was granted to me to have my first child. And then two more. All I have ever wanted and overflowing. Gift upon gift.
How awesome is the responsibility of bringing children into the world and bringing them up straight and true like that arrow I alluded to a moment ago. It may be that is and was the only time I acknowledged ( and still do each and every day without fail) those great divine gifts to me and tried in every way known to me to show gratitude to God by loving all three sons equally and deeply and by attempting, despite my very human failings, to rear them as carefully as I knew how. Always hoping they will forgive the mistakes I made along the way.
They are all men now and gone from me. Each following his own brightness and light. I could not be more proud of each of them and all they have accomplished in their lives. Each has accomplished something different and each stands alone in high intellect and their individual work.
What a joy they are to my heart each day I live. No children could be better loved and cherished.
Motherhood is my job. My primary job. All else is secondary to the goal to the happiness and joy I feel when I hear them call me their mom.

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