Thursday, October 14, 2010

My WORD! May 2007

My word!!! What a performance on DWTS!!!!!! Apolo and Julienne won. I was torn right to the last moment wanting both couples to win as both couples were equally excellent. In slightly differing ways, but excellent. It amazed me to know Julienne is only 18. Apolo is not that much older. Their energy level is mind boggling. Julienne is as much an athlete (as are ALL the pros on the dance floor) as any sportsman/woman out there. More so an athlete in most cases. The dancers do this on an every day hours long schedule with hardly a break, ever. And it shows. I have learned a lot of respect for the pro dancers, and the amateurs they train. I'd be carried out head first after the first half hour.

I went through all my links and put in the correct names of the blogs. I was just using first names in many instances. That doesn't help you get to someone you want to get to..not if you don't know which blog it is. It re-arranged itself according to how it wanted to, in it's own MSN decided order. Too much trouble to go thru and to it according to the alphabet.

Alright. Question. What do you think of TASERS? And their every day use by police departments? Yes, I am well aware of deadly force policy, believe me. I am also well aware that one uses the least possible force to allay any given situation. TASERS are obviously seen as a viable first step means of subduing a subject. This is alarming. Our bodies operate on our unique human electrical system. Think about your heart for an example and your brain. Then, if you are TASERED, there is a severe disruption for however long the Officer chooses to torture you with that thing. I say if YOUR life or someone else's is in imminent danger, then use the instrument. If not..go to your former means. That thing is almost as deadly as a gun.

What brought this on is another death near The Big City. Deputies TASERED a man injured in an automobile accident. They didn't, it was told on the news, like how he answered some questions. The man did have several outstanding criminal warrants on him but I don't believe he was going anywhere any time soon what with EMS personnel there, and a helicopter to airlift one of the 3 injured parties.

Point being: Take those things away from law enforcement until they have been re-trained in the proper use of them.

I have a lunch coming up..then someone this since I am..well...."dewy" from my treadmill and weight lifting, I had better get ready for the day. You have a good one and hope to see you soon. I will be around to you.

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  1. One has to wonder if it's power trip using these tazers or maybe they just enjoy inflicting harm on others, just wondering.