Sunday, October 3, 2010

No Dog in the Race 2/07

This is an unusual blog for me. I just got hacked at something on the I am.

There's a saying in these parts i.e. this part of the Country. If you are blameless or if it does not concern you personally, you say " I ain't got no dog in the race". So, I am telling you now, I don't have a dog in the race. I DO, however, have an opinion. And no, I don't need a reminder about opinions. I know what they are, thankyewverymuch.

My opinion about what you may wonder. Drinking and smoking is your answer. And I don't drink, nor do I smoke. But I have an opinion regarding both, nonetheless.

It's really easy. You can drink, or you can smoke or do both. I don't care nor will I bother you about it if I see you doing that.
What *I* don't like..what gets MY dander up is being dictated to by the government, local or otherwise, about smoking. And, you read right, I don't smoke. Saves me loads of money since I quit. And I sure can speed past some of you without my drawing a gasping breath thanks to clear lungs. I am not going to start smoking again. BUT don't tell me I can't smoke in my house, my yard, or anywhere outside if I want to. I would understand being forbidden to smoke inside work places or restaurants, yes. Secondhand smoke is not something to shrug off. I don't know how many of you are aware of it, but non -smokers and legislators are trying to force smoking citizens in some areas to not smoke in their own home. Then there are employers who dictate that you not smoke. Blood tests are given randomly to ensure that you don't. Talk about an invasion of privacy! Now the governor of this State is saying no public smoking at all. He probably means workplaces, public buildings, etc. I understand that, but what will be the next step once this one is accomplished? Same as some other news stories I have read? Where people are not allowed to smoke in their own home? Now...about drinking. I don't do that either, but why are smokers so attacked (I think I know the answer) and drinkers aren't? Why is the tax going up on cigarettes (no, I do NOT smoke) as a 'punishment tax' and not on alcohol? Why are drinkers, who have to ability to get on the road and kill your butt allowed to go on with no additional financial or societal sanctions i.e.bad rap and smokers are hung out to shrivel slowly in the sun.

Smokers are easy to pick on, is why. And while they give revenue to big tobacco and the government via taxes...alcohol probably generates much more so they, the politicians won't attack alcohol though it kills. Smoking does too, but usually, just yourself.

So, just my opinion as this is my blog. Others express their opinion, and I occasionally do as well.

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