Thursday, October 14, 2010

Noew THAT'S Outta the Way May, 2007

I knew if I didn't do the treadmilling and weights it wouldn't get done. So, done!! Still red in the face. I had to do it without music this time as I forgot and accidentally left the iPod on. It is charging now.

Youngest son, the one with the photography hobby, got another picture of his on the front page of the newspaper again! See proud mom glow!! It's the one with the Cooper's hawk who caught his lunch (one Starling) one Sunday afternoon in my son's yard while he had his camera at the ready, by coincidence. It and others can be seen at ...

Meanwhile, middle son has a change of schools. He applied for another middle school and got the job. Much celebration in his house as he was more than ready to move on from the magnet school he had chosen five or so years ago to teach at. (I don't think you are supposed to end a sentence with "at"). Nonetheless, he told his new Principal that he is a Fulbright Scholar subject to leaving the Country for the school year. My son was told that was acceptable and that he, son, could email his kids while gone.

I am fixing to get a new TV. A 32" HD. You know of course (I just found out several months ago) that the old CRT types will be history in 2 years I believe it is. My present TV is a good one and large but..the color is faded for some reason. May as well bite the bullet. Youngest is giving me his present stand, and a dear friend will be break down and take away this entertainment center to get it out of the way. I did have a dilemma however with what to do with my video tapes. I have many that I won't give up and I do have a combination DVD/VHS/CD player so may as well keep those. I found a place for them remarkably. I say it that way as I have every inch of storage space spoken for already. But I did it. Now I need to find a smaller container for the DVD movies and their somewhat bulky containers. So, something new for me. I was going to pitch the tape player but I think I will keep it. Among others, I have some little cassette tapes with my father's voice on them. I just can't bear listening so far and he's been gone for a long time. I hope *I* am as loved as my father was by me and my brothers. If so, there is no greater honor on this earth.

Outta here. Have the best of days...I'll be thinking of you.

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