Saturday, October 16, 2010

Now Isn't That Something? July 2007

I made my first real sale today ever. A diamond necklace and a pair of diamond earrings. Now that was a milestone for me what with never being in retail in my life. $4000.00 sale. I tried to interest the customer in that bracelet I described yesterday in the blog but...that was too much since it was $15,000.00. I would have to have won Publisher's Clearing house to spend that much money on a bracelet! I could have a car for that! But, as I said, today is a milestone for me. My first sale.

I will include a picture of the ring I spoke of yesterday that I bought. A princess cut diamond..just three quarters of a carat and 4 small blue sapphires, (my birthstone is sapphire)..and 4 tiny 2 pointer diamonds on the sides. That was something I can afford. And an employee discount too. And a P.S. much later..if you click on it to make the photo larger you can actually see the glow of blue in the sapphires.  They are good stones. pierced gentleman. He was tattooed all over. ALL over. Well, whatever was visible..let me amend that statement. Bald...shaven I would say, husky (ooh la la) tiny eyebrow ring..tiny nose stud..tiny lip stud. Discreet, as I said. Black leather, sleeveless, smelled like a million dollars..wearing a genuine Rolex..some accent that I could not identify. And he and my employer know one another and my employer said he was an extremely nice man. I ought to try to sneak up with my camera phone, huh? So we can have one candidate to vote on. The other feller who bespeaks marriage..well, he is a little more of an older gentleman than I might perhaps look for in a suitor. Once more, one must sneak up with the camera phone..stun him with a display of well styled diva hair and snap his photo before he can recover from my assault on his visual senses.

It was a long but good day as I did achieve that sale. And you all's comments made coming to the blog when I got home worthwhile. You guys are hilarious!!! Beth...I like that coalition of women who will follow, detect and assess! I think I ought to draw up a pre-nup, don't you? I can't have anyone trying to take my pet away from me if we marry and then call it quits. After all, she's my most valuable possession. Have to protect her interests!!!

Guys, have a super weekend. You are the best!

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