Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On a Lighter Note 4/07

I should amend my "I don't watch TV" stance. There are a few PBS shows, some History Channel stuff, The Learning Channel and.... I DO watch "Dancing With the Stars." I can't help myself. I hurried in there last night hoping the phone would not ring. It did, BUT it was from my grandson with the happy news that he had straight B's on his report card! And on the Honor Roll Honor Roll breakfast this morning I will have you know!!! I am so proud of you sweetheart! Grandma loves you very much!!!!

I did my usual treadmilling and heaving around the weights this morning. I went up 2 pounds on weights and I'm telling have to sneak up on a piece of iron that is even 2 pounds heavier. (for upper body work, triceps etc) I can tell the difference. I did 15 reps with those, and defaulted back to the others @ 2 pounds less for the rest. I'll be using just the heavier ones by the end of the weekend. OH! maybe not..I am headed over the Mountains Friday. This time I'll make it. Anyone who visits more or less regularly knows I had to turn back last time after 100 miles. Just didn't feel well. It happens now and again. But I was whining because my face and hair looked so good and no one to show it off to! And I didn't feel good, so I stayed home and didn't go out here either to try to show it off here! It was funny!

Anyway, the Dancing With the Stars thing. GO figure one thing for sure. WHY waste time by having someone like Jerry Springer last season who would tear up an anvil if you handed him one!!! That was a waste of time for the professional paired with him and whomever it was responsible for keeping him ON there caused others who really DID work and rehearse, to have to leave. Not like they needed a gimmick for ratings. They HAVE the ratings. That leaving his sorry non-performance on there was not right. Contrast that preferential treatment with last night where the judges blasted even the better contestants over nit picky things and humiliated several others with really not nice commentary. AND kept, in my opinion, three of the worst dancer couples as moving on to the next round. Liked them, but dancers, they are not. They sure worked hard though.

They said that John Ratzenburger (is it?) was stiff. Well, yeah, he's 60 for pity sakes. That beings me to point 2. Why invite older celebs onto the show (and why do they accept???) if you are going to criticize their lack of suppleness? What do you expect at 60 + years of age??? They kept John with his lack of movement (and don't ask ME to bend at the waist much with my bad lower back..I'd sure never make it!) and the basketball player who did a decent job but no expression on his face..he danced like a like a robot.... but threw out several others who were no worse. They gave Ali's daughter "down the road" for her (their) performance and she was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! The woman is a boxer!!!!!!!! There she was looking as graceful and as beautiful and fluid of movement as any professional out there. They never tell you what the phone-in votes were that I have been able to tell. The top ones deserve to be the top ones, yes, but Ali's daughter deserves to be up there with them.

Oh well, good thing I am not King.

I have an appointment to take the car in for servicing. So better get ready.

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