Friday, October 15, 2010

Pretty Day June 2007

We are seriously in need of rain! 10 inches below for the year so far. It is beautiful out there except for one thing marring the clarity of the day. There are wild fires in Georgia and that affects us here where I am. The weather man keeps putting it this way... "The wild fires in Atlanta (his words..we know that isn't's the area, not the City) are causing smog here in our area" (Knoxville TN. area). And that is certainly true. The visibility went down to 4 miles yesterday and today due to smoke making its way all the way here from Georgia. You can almost smell it too. It's that thick.

I'm in here doing this but I am in my shorts and ready for some time on the treadmill. I need some energy anyway as I have to stay up later due to going to the airport to pick up my son. The plane doesn't even get there till 2200. These days who knows how long it will take to get him out of there and started to his house. I'll probably about need long term parking. Kidding.

I finally bought myself a little fan to blow on me while up on that treadmill. I am hoping for somewhat less dewiness!

I had written of my picture taking yesterday. The cat was all unawares late afternoon yesterday and had fallen asleep on top of a cabinet while watching what I am pleased to call her TV channel. That being the birds, squirrels and ground squirrels outside just a few feet from the window. There she full afternoon sun (I have a picture of her on that same cabinet in the album on top, in my blog...she was awake watching "TV" at the time.) so, there she was...watching her "TV" in the sun and she fell third of her ample and opulent body dripping off the foot extended outward and looking altogether fork-tender!!! I sneaked in there and of course, I took her picture. Poor thing is so used to flashes now that she dozed on, undisturbed. Ahhh, what a life.

I will take care of my fitness thing and if I am a good girl, I will set up that table I bought (cheapie rectangle topped table) and clean out the linen closet. This way, again, I won't have to bend over so many times.

Have a great day..I'll be right over there behind the curtain as Linda said..ready with the camera. Try not to straighten out any wedgies or I will surely get a picture and put it in my album. OR...lock your doors..and I can't get in.


  1. Boy you sure do need rain eh? That smoke in the air is not good. Hope it rains soon over there. Don't get ah chill with that fan while your treading. Ms Catt and her tv sounds so darn cute. I bet the tip of her tail twitches alot. Have a great weekend!

  2. At the moment the GA smoke eludes my memory, and I don't recall if AL got any or not.

  3. I sometime think the pets are how lucky things
    especially people who look after well them:-)
    And they don't do much then yet of course they shows their affectionly to you:-)
    Please to hear that you are take care of your back.
    Have a nice weeked To Miss catt.Miyuki.and Victoria is going to work hard for you Sis
    Gypsy and me.