Saturday, October 16, 2010

Red Light Red Light Jul '07

I guess many larger cities have the so-called "red light camera" where it takes a photograph of your license plate as you go sailing unconcerned through a red light in any given camera'd   intersection.  (I made up that word) Wink.  In any case, they are a boon and a bane. 

Most times if not always they are given to a city and maintained free by a business.  The business supplying the cameras and maintenance gets a cut of the fines levied on the motorist who gets the citation.  The usual deal is that for 30 days after they go up in an intersection, the motorist gets the picture and a warning through the mail.  After that if you are caught again, you pay the $50.00 fine.  They are a boon as I said because T boning accidents at intersections in The Big City I live near have gone down considerably.  Rear ending, however, has gone UP considerably!  That's the bane.

What got me onto this topic is not that *I* have had a ticket though today of all thing, I wound up going through 5 yellow lights.  Not my fault.  I could not stop in the couple of seconds it takes to turn red.  Hence..looking both ways, I had to go on through.  Now..what brought this up as I said is a friend of mine..matter of face the one I mentioned yesterday who is the owner of Mr. T. has a sister.  The sister got a ticket for running a red light when the picture clearly showed it was yellow.  Now, if it is a yellow i.e. caution light..I have to wonder why, unless it's a racket to get money, did they issue a ticket for a yellow light run???

I asked her if her sister protested.  I was told she called the police department in that city (not where she lives..she was out and about that day) and was told to just pay it..that going to court would cost more than the fine!  Court costs are like $110.00.  Now what kind of a deal is THAT if the police/State are wrong!!!???  I told her the name of a reporter on the local ABC Network who does expose type stories about crooks etc.  I hope they follow through and call. 

If I went through any today, I will be out major bucks.  :-)

I apologize to Terrence Hunter, "It Says Here That" blog where I accidentally gave him the movie star's name of Terrence Stamp. Embarrassed I am so sorry.  Bad Scout!!! Bad!  bad!!

I am making a meatloaf for supper again.  One of the other son's is here and he likes my recipe for meatloaf! 
You guys go forth and have a great rest of the day.  Red heart

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